10 x 10  Standard Drive Up
Ground Level
Exterior Door
10 x 10 Standard Drive Up
Rent for $104.50
Ground Level
Exterior Door
Date Needed:
This date is currently unavailable
Insurance/Protection Plans:
Please select an insurance
Unit notes:
  • Enter your full access code to pass through any gate or keypad restricted doors.
  • Please sign the e-sign lease agreement that you will receive in your email address you provided or come to our store to sign your lease agreement within 48 hours.
Additional Items
  • Dust Cover
    Dust Cover
  • Tie Down Rope
    Tie Down Rope
  • Packing Peanuts
    Packing Peanuts
  • Sofa Cover
    Sofa Cover
  • Chair Covers
    Chair Covers
  • Moving Kit
    Moving Kit
  • Glass Cell Kit
    Glass Cell Kit
  • Box, Small
    Box, Small
  • Box, Medium
    Box, Medium
  • Box, Large
    Box, Large
  • Tape
  • Box, Wardrobe
    Box, Wardrobe
  • Disc Lock
    Disc Lock
  • Mattress Bag King
    Mattress Bag King
  • Mattress Bag Queen
    Mattress Bag Queen
  • Mattress Bag Full
    Mattress Bag Full
  • Mattress Bag Twin
    Mattress Bag Twin
  • Bubble Wrap 12
    Bubble Wrap 12" x 15'
  • Bubble Wrap 12
    Bubble Wrap 12" x 150'
  • Foam Wrap 12
    Foam Wrap 12" x 250'
  • Dish Cell Kit
    Dish Cell Kit
  • Wrapping Paper 10#
    Wrapping Paper 10#
  • Vehicle Oil Shield
    Vehicle Oil Shield
  • Twin Pack Disk Locks
    Twin Pack Disk Locks
  • Tape Gun
    Tape Gun
    A nice storage place, DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE! I am in the military and had to make a major last minute move, and struggled to decide where to store our things, until we came across this place. This storage company was always kind and willing to help me when I needed it. The units were big enough and spacious (the one I had) and they were surprisingly clean when I had first opened up my garage door (I've never used a storage unit and my first impression for an outdoor storage unit exceeded my expectations), the cleanliness included the entire lot and I always felt safe, even while alone and that is extremely important to me. The employees were always quick and friendly, especially during the pandemic, and also always answered my phone calls promptly. Lastly, corporate is also incredibly great. I want to thank Milford Self Storage for giving my husband and I a great experience and allowing us to store our belongings with you guys. We are only leaving because we are making our next big move, but if I ever need someone to store my things, I will absolutely be a returning space renter. Thank you MSS!
    Gabrielle Newton
    Friendly service representative, very quick and easy to rent my storage unit, and the rep went through all the details with me.
    Ian Marcum
    Nice clean place. Customer service guy was very polite, professional, and helpful!
    David Lockhart
    Bill helped me out when I was looking for a 10x15-10x20 storage room. Although none that size were available, he pointed out that he could get me two 10x10 rooms. When I found a single large room at another but less convenient storage location, Bill managed to match the price so that the two rooms he had wouldn't cost me more than the one at the other facility would. Great place to work with. Will definitely recommend Milford Self Storage to anyone in the future. --- Thanks, Bill!
    Frank Cianciolo
    Judith Apking
    This place is great! Frank has been extremely helpful to us. We relocated from PA to OH and needed 2 units since we couldn't move into our new place for 2 weeks after relocating. He even allowed us to park our moving truck in a secure location on-site overnight because we arrived so late in the evening. Frank also loaned us a hand-truck for some heavier items. I would highly recommend Milford Self Storage to anyone. The place is really clean, reasonably priced and was very convenient for us since it was only 10 minutes from our new house.
    Jim Colyer
    Brooke Bitzer
    Rented a storage space for a few months and was very pleased with my experience. Price seemed reasonable for the quality and professionalism. Staff was very...
    Kadijah J.
    This ihas been my first time renting a storage unit. I spoke with Frank who was very thorough and patient with the process. He made sure that all of my questions were answered. The grounds are extremely clean and well kept. I feel very safe on the premises. I have no regrets on choosing Milford Self Storage as the rental facility for my belongings.
    Allison Koenig
    Very pleased with the lease process and explanation.
    Richard Busemeyer
    Was able to get my unit over the weekend, all online and have had no problems
    Caleb S
    Quick and easy reservation
    Nancy Goodnough
    Jodi Burchett
    Very clean, secure and well managed self storage facility.
    Jerry Cummins
    Very relaxed environment, as long as you're not doing anything illegal and are being respectful they are very easy to work with. They also keep a close eye on who comes and goes, which helps keep a safe environment for me and my things.
    Scott Koester
    My husband and I rented a storage unit for about 3 years and never had an issue! The space was large, priced well, but more importantly the staff is incredible! Great customer service from everyone I ever spoke to. I'd like to specially thanks Frank, who worked with us towards the end. We got into a pickle and had to vacate but Frank was so much help and went above and beyond to take care of us!
    Brittany Kalb
    Robert Campbell
    Great facility, clean, very well maintained. Staff is ver friendly and helpful.
    Raymond Sauter
    Christina Anderson
    Very happy with the storage unit and the management of the total facility. Very clean and very convenient to my home so that I can quickly load in and load out things that are stored there.
    Lewis Traxler
    Kelsey was a fantastic help! Such a pleasant person to deal with! Seemed like I was in and out in no time!
    Sean Hannon
    gary bryant
    Scott was so very polite. He knew exactly the size unit I should rent. He was very thorough explaining the contract and answered every question I had, which was only 1 because he had explained everything prior. He took me to the truck prior to allowing me to utilize for the day and explained everything I should and needed to know about it. The only thing I wished it had was a step for me to get in it. Lol I told him he had been a pleasure because I had called for 3 days straight to one of your competitors on St rt. 28 in Mt Repose and was treated terribly by the manager Merle, promising me the truck when actually he had lent it to a friend when we got there to get it. He didn't call back the 1st day until it was almost closing time but wouldn't wait although we were only 10 minutes away and it was 15 minutes until closing time because he said he had some place to go. Scott even waited after the 4:30 cut off because we were having trouble unloading. He was the perfect example of customer service for someone who has never rented a storage unit before! He greeted me each time with a smile and friendly attitude!!!
    emily wheeler
    Angel Perez
    super fast, super easy painless set up. the guy I talked was very helpful and got me a unit right by the door. 5 star staff
    Shawn Ubrey
    Gary Gibbs
    Used Milford Storage several years ago and was very pleased with how clean the area was. Just started using them again and still very impressed!!
    Shelley Noe
    Well it is very easy to say positive things about my experience at Milford Self Storage today! Scott was friendly and informative and really helped us to identify the right unit and the best way to deal with our unique situation. We will be taking advantage of the free truck offer to get our items into the unit - what a great bonus! The facility is clean and well-managed; he even let me buy a good lock for the unit at a very reasonable price. Completely painless experience, thank you Scott!
    Mary Ann Barnett
    Professional experience. Premises are orderly and clean. This is my third time using this particular storage facility.
    Duane Haag
    The employee Scott as well as management is a really caring bunch. I lost my place to live due to my job closing down an down on my luck but had no choice but to find a storage unit. I walked in immediately very nice to me so I explained my situation they cut my bill in half an made it possible for me to keep the things I hold dear safe. I definitely recommend Milford Self Storage for any priceless memories you may want kept safe. Thank you for all your help. I will always be a customer.
    Ashley Wilson
    Super nice and very simple
    Beverly Corsmeier
    I have had a great experience so far and I enjoy the access availability we i need in
    Nicole Quintana
    Milford Self Storage Staff is incredibly helpful and professional. When we made the decision to sign a lease Scott had the paperwork ready very quickly and was so pleasant to work with...everyone we have encountered has been! the storage units are clean and well cared for and the grounds are well maintained.
    Marcy Murphy
    Super clean and very easy to deal with. The gentleman I dealt with answered all my questions and even helped me save a few extra dollars.
    Jennifer Kidder
    Very friendly manager, simple process, easy access from interstate, and excellent pricing.
    Steve Sprovach
    Very clean and Extemely Nice staff. Affordable Prices
    Melissa Coy
    Great place
    They were very helpful and polite
    Veronica P
    ALWAYS very helpful!!
    Helpful and pleasant person at the front desk, responded to questions, and showed unit as well as reviewed agreement in detail. Thank you.
    Catherine Castle
    I have used Milford self Storage before and it was always good service. However, this time "good" is not a big enough word. The service was absolutely terrific. Fast, efficient, friendly and flawless. To ask for anything better would be selfish on my part. How does one improve on PERFECTION? I wish there were more stars. Thanks!
    Neil Cotter
    Very polite, willing to help with all my needs and offered me the best prices.
    Melissa Lewallen
    Jon Corry
    Omg! Wow what a place definitely can't go wrong with renting a unit here
    Donnie Lee
    Very nice, clean place and good location. Workers are always friendly and ready to help. Reasonable prices and supplies available at the office.
    Abc Def
    Keppel Small
    I have been a customer for 4 years and I am thrilled with the customer service, safety and protection of our belongings. Well done!!!
    Jeff Taylor
    There staff is very friendly the units has more than enough space and it is a safe environment for your belongings I love them Very clean property
    Kenesha Buckley
    I am very pleased with Fairfield Storage. Their unit is very close to my house making that very convenient. The grounds are always clean and well maintained. I feel my property is always safe and secure. I would recommend Fairfield Storage.
    Walt campbell
    Friendly and helpful people.
    David Eccard
    The staff is friendly and helpful. The storage space I rented is clean and always dry. When I couldn't get the door to my storage space open, the staff opened it for me and arranged to have it fixed - no cost to me, of course. There was no downtime and the storage space remained secure!
    Carol Ekeroth
    The staff is very helpful if you have questions.
    rhonda bailey
    The facility is always in great shape.
    Frank DiCesare
    Ron Dobbs
    Very helpful. Thanks, Pam Davies
    Kathleen Peterson
    Clean facility and friendly people. I would recommend them !!!!
    Ronald Ballard
    Been with them for 1 year so far I'm satisfied with there storage services.
    Donny Colwell
    Nice folks. Been using for 5+ years. Easy access.
    Chris Cole
    Everyone at Milford Self Storage were so helpful and made the move in process so easy.
    Jeff Chiapelli
    Easy to work with
    Libbie Crawford
    Lots of room at a decent price. Also comes with its own alarm system!
    Kari Bloom
    This was super easy to set up a new unit with these guys. I love the online bill pay!
    Lexi Browne
    Very helpful, easy to work with.
    Janis Binning
    Great place to Rent a unit. Friendly staff, very clean property! Security alarms on each unit is Awesome. Very well lit property. Cannot say enough great things about this facility.
    Kevin Austin
    Super easy to work with.
    Molly Adams
    Great Staff and Facility
    Keith Rings
    If you are looking for a convenient location: Look here. If you are looking for professional and friendly individuals: Look here. If you are looking for a clean environment with security: Look here. Cannot say enough good things about Milford Self Storage and the personnel. Give them a call and find out for yourself. You'll be happy you did.
    Cynthia Hawkins
    I love this place. The staff is so friendly and the facilities are very clean. I highly recommend it. :)
    Patricia Anderson
    I love Milford self storage. They are so friendly and helpful and their facility is very clean and secure. I recommend anyone in the area that is looking for storage to try them out for themselves.
    Mark Pattetson
    Very clean and friendly staff
    Tony Stringfellow
    Pamela Stevens
    The entire process of renting a unit and moving things in has been seamless. The staff was very professional and helpful in deciding what size of unit would work for our needs. They didn't push us in any direction, but gave us information so that we could make up our own mind. The facilities are clean and well maintained.
    Megan Little
    Great Staff, very accommodating and professional. Immaculate facilities, well designed units and property. Convenient location near I-275 Rates are fair considering the location, quality and accessibility of the units. Due to a temporary change in my storage needs, I recently cancelled my agreement, but I will be signing a new agreement long term. This Storage Facility is head & shoulders above the others in the Milford, Loveland-, Goshen areas.
    Mark Wright
    Great facilities and reasonable prices.
    James R Henderson
    Missy G . And Melissa are amazing!
    TheMacman513 __
    I had a storage unit with these folks for almost 10 years; after my mother died, we had to clean out her house pretty quickly. Since I was in my early 20s, I didn't have a place to keep her things, so we got a storage unit. Over the years, they only raised prices once, and it wasn't by much. Owner and manager were always really kind to me, and my stuff was well cared for. I bought a house and no longer need the unit, but I can highly recommend these folks.
    Amanda Hartman McLellan